Moving Violet to my other blog for a while.

If you want to RP with her, you can do so HERE.


Beware toxic lovers who substitute knives for nails, whose bodies are painted with wounds from their partner, and who have a dangerous love for pain. passionate and untamed, they take pleasure in blissful sadism, marking their territory in wounds upon each other while hunting those that surround them. seemingly ordinary, the two save their animalistic natures for when they are together, transforming into the monsters they truly are when met with each other’s touch. 

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Would anyone care to RP with Violet?


Contemplating a revamp of this blog..

Shit is all confusing and I honestly have no idea where to begin with things. Apparently some of my ships were “going nowhere” and that’s pretty discouraging to hear.

I have a lot to think about, but there is no way in hell that I am deleting. Violet is my baby, my very first rp ever and she will NEVER be deleted.



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